Services of a male companion for women in Brussels, Belgium

Services of a male companion, male escort for women

Male escort offers its services in Brussels and everywhere in Belgium, with the greatest respect and the greatest discretion.

Escorting services

- Ryan

I am available every day and at all hours, depending on my availability.

You have the possibility to book my escort services for an hour, a day, or even a weekend.


My escorting services are based on mutual respect and good intentions, in this case, relationships must remain cordial and agreed, no relationship must cross the threshold of morality.


I support people in all types of situations: outings, activities, trips, etc.

The accompaniment that I offer you will be cordial, positive, energizing or relaxing according to your desire.

Dialogue is essential in order to maintain a long and lasting relationship.

A constructive, positive dialogue based on trust will only lead to beautiful, sincere and lasting encounters.

I am quite capable of carrying on any type of conversation, from the most banal to the most delicate, I have a gift for listening sincerely to others and I am of good advice.

I developed a gift for clairvoyance and sophrology at the end of my many years devoted to spirituality, I help many people through dialogue, by bringing them positivity and sincerity.

I know when to maintain a serious or uninteresting conversation, I will never embarrass you.
I can give psychological, physical, professional and emotional advice.

I have a lot of experience in these areas, at the physical level, I had training in sports coaching, at the professional level, Californian companies often contact me in order to develop their digital marketing, psychological and emotional level, I have devoted many years of my life to spirituality, and I have learned a lot in my travels.

I am open to role-playing proposals.

I have been trained in massage training centers in India and Canada during my various travels.

Well-being massage is one of the services I offer, but it does not cross the threshold of well-being and relaxation, in this case, I do not practice any form of massage for therapeutic or medical purposes.
None of your personal data will be disclosed to anyone.

I respect everyone's personal life, and I promise not to ask you any too personal questions about your private life, or those that could make you uncomfortable.
Physical or psychological abuse, as well as immorality in general, is not tolerated.

The services I offer are not based on sexuality, but on support based on moral values.

An intimate relationship can take place only with mutual consent and the utmost respect.

If an intimate relationship does occur, it will only take place in a protected manner to ensure the safety of those involved.

Good hygiene is essential.

The services offered are only intended for adult women.

People suffering from contagious diseases are prohibited for our safety, in order to guarantee quality service for others.

Potential intimate relationships are not part of the services we offer, even if they remain consenting to both parties, even if they remain protected. This service is not and will never be part of the services we offer. It is a natural act that can occur, but which is part of the intimate and private life of the persons concerned.

No service is offered on site, as this could block some customers who doubt the proper hygiene of the premises.