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Terms and conditions

General conditions of use and confidentiality policy.

This website does not advocate any form of immorality or sexual debauchery.

This website does not promote any form of intimate relationship.

This website only promotes cordial and respectful encounters based on good intentions and good values.

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I hope this cleared things up for you and as mentioned before, if there is something you are unsure whether or not you need, it is usually safer to leave cookies enabled in case they interact with any of the features you use on our site. However, if you are still looking for more information, you can contact us via one of our preferred contact methods: our contact form.

Privacy Policy

This website does not record any data on these visitors.

This website does not store any cookies, which is why this website does not offer you to accept them.

I do not share any of your personal data with anyone.

Your email address will be used only to respond to emails you have sent via the contact form.

This website has no newsletter system, this website will never send you promotional mail.

Each visitor is free to contact me if he has any complaints about this website.


All content on this website is mine.

All images were purchased and are licensed under the Envato license.

Some texts on the website (in the blog section) were not written by me, but I took them again, because I agree with the author of these texts, and I thank him for his work, therefore, all sources are mentioned below each text that was not written by me, so that you can benefit from the talent of other stories by this author on his own website.


All prices are displayed with the tax included (including VAT) Belgian VAT of 21%.


Payment for the service is made either by cash or by bank transfer, if you wish you can also receive an invoice.

This website does not sell anything, so it is not possible to buy anything directly through this website.

Physical or psychological abuse, as well as immorality in general, is not tolerated.

The services I offer are not based on sexuality, but on support based on moral values.

An intimate relationship can take place only with mutual consent and the utmost respect.

If an intimate relationship does occur, it will only take place in a protected manner to ensure the safety of those involved.

Good hygiene is essential.

The services offered are only intended for adult women.

People suffering from contagious diseases are prohibited for our safety, in order to guarantee quality service for others.

Potential intimate relationships are not part of the services we offer, even if they remain consenting to both parties, even if they remain protected. This service is not and will never be part of the services we offer. It is a natural act that can occur, but which is part of the intimate and private life of the persons concerned.

No service is offered on site, as this could block some customers who doubt the proper hygiene of the premises.

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