Prices for a call boy for women in Brussels, Belgium

Prices for a call boy, escort boy, male escort for women

I am committed to setting my rates with tact and moderation, fairly, both for you and for myself.

Escorting rates


The hourly rate is 90€ per hour.

After three hours of escort the price drops to 60€ per hour.


For a 12 hour day of escorting, the price is 400€.

For a full 24 hour day of escorting, the rate is 600€.


For a three-day weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening or Monday morning, the price is 1500€.


The outward and return travel costs are included in the price, I do not receive anyone at my home as a precaution and hygienic measures.

Travel time for the outward journey is not included in the hours of benefits. Travel time for the return is, however, included in the hours of service.

Example: You are requesting a 3-hour service in the center of Antwerp, to which must be added the time of arrival at the place planned by you, namely that it takes approximately one hour to go from the center of Brussels to center of Antwerp. This one-way hour is not included in the fare and will count as one hour of service. In this case you will not pay travel costs, such as the price of gasoline for example to get there or the parking space. You will also not pay for the time for the return trip, regardless of where in Belgium. You will also not pay the preparation costs, namely between an hour and an hour and a half.


All expenses for outings, activities, trips, etc., are your responsibility.